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Pakedge SX-24P, Pakedge 24 Port Managed Switch with 24 PoE or 12 PoE

Produktnummer: 10302426

Pakedge 24 Port Managed Switch with 24 PoE or 12 PoE+ Ports

The Pakedge SX-Series family of switches provide uncompromising top of the line performance with state of the art features. Designed around high performance while maintaining simplicity and architectural aesthetics, the SX series switches incorporate functional features and innovations aimed at commercial and technically complex residential projects. The SX-24P is the 24 PoE/12 PoE+ port version of the SX family.

Application Guide

  • Medium to large networks
  • Systems with up to 24 PoE or 12 PoE+ powered devices
  • Broadcast and/or multicast network applications
  • Bandwidth-heavy network applications (video, HD/UHD video)
  • Latency sensitive applications (VOIP, teleconferencing)
  • Network segmentation or VLANs requirements
  • Medium to large networks containing multiple traffic types (voice, video, high resolution audio, automation, data)


  • 24 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 24 PoE/PoE+ ports - 370W Power Budget
  • 4 1G fiber-capable SFP ports
  • SFP Ports support high-speed fiber cable for switch-to-switch connections up to 1Gbps and cable runs over 100 meters
  • VLANs for traffic prioritization and segmentation
  • Easy rack-mount with included hardware
  • Quiet Operation