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Russound Pro-8 HP, 6pair speaker selector

Produktnummer: 10303623

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Russound 8 x Pair Impedance Matching Speaker Selector

The PRO-8HP is a robust, efficient dual-source speaker selector for up to eight pairs of speakers. Designed for demanding applications, this high-quality speaker selector features a low-frequency protection circuit to reduce subsonic signals. This allows higher power operation without amplifier shutdown.

An A/B switch on the front panel allows you to power all your speakers with either of two source amplifiers. The PRO-8HP is designed for use with either 4- or 8-ohm speakers.

The PRO-8HP uses audiophile-grade autoformers for impedance matching to maintain a safe operating load at the amplifier while distributing maximum power throughout your system. A rotary switch on the rear panel sets the appropriate impedance for your amplifier, based on the number of speaker pairs connected.