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Russound S1-18-W, 1 gang bakboks, retrofit, stk

Produktnummer: 100128

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1 gang bakboks, retrofit.

Perfect for installers who do repeat installations.

The S1-18-W is US specification 'J-Box (Junction Box) for low voltage applications and installations.

This wall-box is a standardized 1 Gang size making it ideal for a host of US based production requirements and installations.

The J-Box is a widely used or universal installation accessory for any US 'Decora' style module. This standard is used across thousands of US based electronics and automation manufacturer's - and Russound's keypads and accessories are no exception. The 1 Gang S1-18-W is suitable for many keypads including all A-K4, A-K6L, A-LC3, CA4-KP, KP6, KPL and SLK-1 etc.

The S1-18-W is primarily designed for retrofit installations in the US - opposed to new construction (which in the US - means timber frame). The S1-18-W is for plasterboard or dry-lining situations. In the UK it can also be used in such fashion as the S1-18-W has 'flip-out wings' which grip the back of the plasterboard or chipboard etc. and then the desired module can be fitted inside. So it is a US version a dry-lining box.

It can also be used for new construction here - as the 'flip-out wings' can be easily removed -  and the box can be suitably sunk into brick or block-work. So to an extent here in the UK it is a 'universal' box that many installers keep to hand as it will fit both applications.

The S1-18-W is made of a  tough grey thermo-plastic, which reduces the possibility of shorting if a cable is damaged, which will stop potential warranty issues with certain manufacturer's.