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Russound S3-54-RAC, 3 gang bakboks, New Construction

Produktnummer: 100942

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S3-54-RAC, 3 gang bakboks, New Construction.

The S3-54-RAC is US specification 'J-Box (Junction Box) for low voltage applications and installations.

This wall-box is a standardized 3 Gang size making it ideal for a host of US based production requirements and installations.

The J-Box is a widely used or universal installation accessory for any US 'Decora' style module. This standard is used across thousands of US based electronics and automation manufacturer's - and Russound's keypads and accessories are no exception. The 3 Gang S2-35-RAC is suitable for combining several modules together, or for housing 3 x 1 gang decora modules (keypads, light switches input plates or Leviton US Decora Quickport carriers). The S3-54-RAC can be used for such Russound keypads as the MDK-C6 and combined with a lighting control keypad for instance (CentraLite, Lutron etc.).

The larger size of the S3-54-RAC often helps as a connectivity solution - as a the 3 Gang US wall-plate can have around 18 individual connectors - which is rather more than our UK plates.

The S3-54-RAC is primarily designed for new construction (which in the US - means timber frame), and as such it has fixing nails top and bottom of the box - making it simply installed into an upright stud. If however (like we do here in the UK) you have a brick or block wall to negotiate - then the nails can be simply removed and the box can be sunk into the respective hard wall for installation.

The S3-54-RAC is made of a  tough grey thermo-plastic, which reduces the possibility of shorting if a cable is damaged, which will stop potential warranty issues with certain manufacturer's.