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Future Automation SAC-T

Produktnummer: 10302602

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The Smart Airflow Control Tray, SAC-T, is designed to regulate airflow around equipment in AV racks or in confined spaces.

When placed underneath or between AV components the SAC-T forces air upwards through and around the unit, increasing airflow and aiding the natural convection inside the space.

By maintaining an optimal temperature for components, the SAC-T helps prevent overheating, maintain uptime and extend component life span.

  • Near silent operation complimented with isolating rubber mounts
  • Height efficient design ideal for cooling receivers, amplifiers, and other AV components
  • Self-contained unit with onboard electronics for simple installation
  • Optional 19” Mounting Rack included
  • Prevents components from overheating, having performance issues, and shortened lifespans
  • Temperature controlled variable fan state and speed with equipment overheat alarm