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iPort Surface Mount Bezel 6 x Buttons sølv, til iPad mini

Produktnummer: 10303637

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Surface Mount with Buttons: the best of both worlds in a control system user interface.

Surface Mount with Buttons combines the richness of apps with hard buttons that provide immediate access to critical control system functions. Connect directly via ethernet to IP to many control systems to add a better, more elegant user interface. With just one ethernet cable, power iPad and provide power and data to the IP keypad for simple installations.

Each button is LED backlit, allowing you to customize the brightness and color, depending on the occasion. With 30+ icon-engraved buttons in the box, there are icons to represent most control system functions. And for custom applications, order custom-engraved buttons. Surface Mount with Buttons: the best of both worlds in a control system user interface.

iPort LUXE Basestation, sølv

LUXE BaseStation conductively charges iPad on a flat surface and can mount and charge iPad in portrait or landscape orientations.

iPort LUXE Case sølv, til iPad 10.2" & 10.5"

LUXE Case er et tynt symmetrisk kabinett av aluminium som beskytter iPad og gir deg full tilgang til alle iPad-knapper, mikrofoner, kameraer og høyttalere. Når Case settes på en ladestasjon, begynner induktiv lading umiddelbart.
Kompatible iPad modeller: iPad 10.2-inch (8th gen) | iPad 10.2-inch (7th gen) | iPad Pro 10.5-inch | iPad Air 10.5 inch (3rd gen)

iPort LUXE Wallstation i sølv

LUXE WallStation conductively charges the iPad and allows iPad to be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations.

iPort Surface Mount Bezel sølv, til iPad 9.7"

Passer til: iPad 9,7 (Air 1 og 2) * iPad 9,7 (5. og 6.gen) * iPad Pro 9,7