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Strong SM-CB-F-L

Produktnummer: 10340671

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The Strong® Carbon Series Fixed Mounts are easy to install, easy to adjust and provide unprecedented strength - at a price that fits any install. These mounts offer a wide-open back plate to easily fit around outlet installation, have a durable locking mechanism with strings that can easily be hidden away with their magnetic cord covers, offer 3/4" of post-install adjustment, and are UL listed for durability and strength. A go-to mount for any install.



3/4" of Post-Install Leveling: Leveling a mount is fairly straightforward and rather simple – except when you face an unlevel mantle or just slightly sloped ceiling. We understand the pain of having to re-level an installed mount, so our Carbon Mounts include a small screw at the top of the mount for last minute adjustments. Simply turn the screw with the included Allen wrench for accurate leveling.

Pull Cord Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism sits securely behind the wall plate until it's time to release. Just pull the cord and tilt the mount out for easy access. Plus, the cord is built from high-quality material so it won’t snap or break.

Magnetic Pull Cord for Easy Storage: The Carbon Mount’s durable pull cord easily hides out of sight with its magnetic end, so there are no safety or aesthetic concerns when storing the cord away.

Ultimate Versatility: The 11" back plate leaves plenty of room to fit around electrical outlets; it also fits perfectly around an 8" VersaBox™ or VersaBox™ Pro (with the ability to take the door on and off).

Mark Your Spot: The center-bolt hole locations include a notch to drill in a sheetrock screw for temporary hanging. Plus, it's reversible so there is no set top or bottom, which means no confusion.

UL Certified for Strength and Durability: This Carbon Series Mount is UL Certified for strength and durability, so you know your customers will be in good hands. When a mount is tested by UL, it is tested to withstand 4 times its holding capacity. You should never go above the listed weight limit of this mount – just know it can handle the weight it promises.