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Strong SM-RBX-WH

Produktnummer: 10340622

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Strong® In-Wall Recessed Low-Voltage Box (White)

Having trouble getting the wires behind the television? Power and low voltage wiring behind even flat mounted television panels is now easy with the Strong® SM-RBX-WH, a recessed back box that installs like an in-wall speaker and is super flexible for configuring options. Made of fireproof ABS plastic, it sits nearly flush off the wall so it will fit easily behind any mount. Need electricity, Powerlink, HDMI, Component? No Problem! There's plenty of room for wire management with this easy-to-install box.


Low Profile: Unique in design, this box sits only 2.9mm off the wall. It's able to fit behind our Razor mount, so you know it will be a great compliment for other mounts too.

Easy to Install: One of the simplest features is that no template is needed. Pin-holes were designed into the plate at four corners to easily alow you to place a dot on the wall, then draw.

Access Anywhere: Doesn't matter how you install it, where you install it or what it's up against, you will have room somewhere.

Plenty Of Room: With 110 cu. in., you can't say there isn't enough room to coil wires. But, there are also plenty of spots to push wires back into the wall.