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Strong® SM-RR-T-L Razor Series Large Tilt Mount 40-80 Displays

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Strong Razor mounts make TV installs cleaner and faster, all while being only 0.7" off the wall for an ultra-sleek look.


Strong Razor mounts make TV installs cleaner and faster, all while being only 0.7" off the wall for an ultra-sleek look. They offer enhanced strength with wider arms and a more rigid wall plate, as well as an improved locking mechanism with a greater contact area for improved stability. And with up to 3.5” of vertical post-install adjustment (2.85” for medium), the perfect install has never been easier.


Low-Profile Design: At 0.7” off the wall, our Razor mounts are ideal for today’s ultra-thin OLED and QLED TVs, providing a modern, seamless look for a stunning entertainment experience.

Enhanced Post-Install Adjusting: The Razor mount offers 3.5 inches of vertical post-install adjustment (2.85” for medium), which is often twice the height of the competition. So, if the mantle isn’t level, the ceiling is sloped, or you didn’t get the mount exactly straight, this post-installation adjustment screw makes it easy to correct the problem. Simply tighten or loosen the screw for quick and easy adjustments.

11 Degrees of Down-Tilt: If you need to mount a TV anywhere above eye level, the Razor tilt mount works great! It offers a full 11 degrees of down-tilt for optimal viewing while minimizing glare from ambient light. We know TV weights vary, so there are adjustment screws on the tilt-scissor mechanism to help you customize the support for your TV.

LokTight™ Tabs: Our LokTight™ tabs provide extra security and total peace of mind by preventing curious kids from accidentally lifting the display off the wall. They also have strategically placed pads that help prevent scratches. To release, use the conveniently placed drawstrings to lower the spring mechanism and pull the flat panel off the wall.

VersaBox Compatibility: Our Razor mounts work flawlessly with our VersaBox and VersaBox Pro storage solution, ensuring you can store gear behind the TV and keep the TV as close to the wall as possible.

Magnetic Pull Cord for Easy Storage: The Razor Mount’s durable pull cord easily hides out of sight with its magnetic end, so there are no safety or aesthetic concerns when storing the cord away.

Superior Strength: The Razor delivers even more strength and peace of mind on every install with increased rigidity, featuring wider arms, a more rigid wall plate, and an improved locking mechanism with a greater contact area for safety and functionality you can trust. With weight capacities of 80lbs for the medium, 100lbs for the large, and 125lbs for the XL these mounts are built to handle today’s heaviest displays.

Convenient Kickstand: For easier cable runs and post-install servicing, we built a kickstand on the bottom of the arm to easily access connections on the back of the display without removing it from the wall.

Interchangeable Arms: Each mount arm can be installed in the left or right position, providing install flexibility and making it easy to maneuver around inputs or power on the back of the television.

Variable VESA Patterns: Every Razor mount supports multiple VESA patterns for ultimate install versatility. So when you get to the job site, you’ll have a compatible mount and won’t lose install time.

UL Certified for Strength and Durability: Razor Series Mounts are UL Certified for strength and durability, so you know your customers will be in good hands. When a mount is tested by UL, it is tested to withstand 4 times its weight capacity. You should never go above the listed weight limit of this mount – just know it can handle the weight it promises.