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Triad Speakers TS-SAMP1-100-BL, stk

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The Triad One is a single-zone, high-resolution streaming amplifier and the easy way to add music into any room of a Control4-enabled home without the need to pull wire back to a central location.

The Triad One supports highresolution audio playback, up to 192 kHz / 24 bit, with a built-in amplifier boasting an impressive 105 dB signal-tonoise ratio and 100 watts per channel—enabling incredible sound in any room. Also included is a built-in 10-band parametric EQ delivering exceptional sound output and room optimization.
The Triad One is also a great alternative to an AVR in a bedroom, kitchen, or other location when surround sound is not a requirement. Not only does the Triad One have digital and analog audio inputs to take the audio output from a TV to power a soundbar, it has two IR outputs to control the TV and another local source, if needed.
A line-level subwoofer output rounds out the system for deep bass when connected to a powered subwoofer.
The Triad One is available in white and black, can be placed horizontally or vertically, and can be installed on a bookshelf, in a rack, or mounted behind a TV.

  • Add a high-resolution, amplified audio zone to any Control4 system
  • Built-in streaming music services synchronized with EA controllers
  • Network control of audio and volume over a wired or WiFi connection
  • Analog and digital audio inputs support audio resolutions up to 192 kHz / 24 bit
  • Volume, bass, treble, 10-band parametric EQ, balance, loudness, and mono summing
  • Input gain for analog source input
  • Audio sensing supports programmable events based on the presence of audio
  • Built-in EQ presets for Triad speakers
  • Supports native Control4 streaming services including Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, Napster, Sirius XM, Deezer, and iHeartradio • Supports built-in Control4 digital media playback including My Music, ShairBridge, and DLNA


Audio inputs 2 inputs, 1 analog stereo and 1 digital, (S/PDIF coax or TOSLINK optical)
Audio outputs 1 stereo analog out, 1 sub/mono audio out
USB 1 USB 2.0 port—supports playback of media stored on USB
IR 2 IR ports—3.5 mm jack
Ethernet RJ45 jack for local network connection, 10/100/1000BaseT
WiFi 2 internal antennas, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, 802.11b/g/n
Front power LED 1 × RGB status LED
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.6 × 21.6 × 26 cm
Rated wattage/channel 100W @ 4 Ω / 60W @ 8 Ω
Frequency response +/- 0.5 dB, ref 1 kHz, 20 - 20,000 Hz, 4 or 8 Ω
THD < 0.01% 1 kHz at all output levels below clipping
Noise < -105 dB reference to rated power A-weighted
Analog dynamic range >114 dB A-weighted
S/PDIF input Accepts IEC 60958 standard inputs in 16/24-bit PCM stereo only, surround not supported
Accepted sample rates 30-200 kHz for direct input mode; 44.1k, 48k, 96k, 192k for streaming output mode
Optical input TOSLINK Standard TOSLINK levels
DSP audio processing 24-bit audio processing double-precision filters
Signal-to-noise ratio > 105 dB
Tone controls +/- 12 dB with 650 Hz turnover frequency in 0.5 dB steps
10-band EQ Ten one-octave filters in 0.5 dB Steps, +/- 12 dB
Volume control Attenuates from 0 to -80 dB and off in 0.5 dB steps
Loudness control Continuously variable from 100% volume to of
Subwoofer output Mono summing of stereo audio or crossover mode
Subwoofer crossover type 4th order (24 dB/octave) Linkwitz-Riley
Crossover frequencies 80 Hz, 90 Hz, 100 Hz, 110 Hz, 125 Hz, 140 Hz
Signal present detectors -30 dB low-pass filtered