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Wall-Smart "New construction mount" til Araknis AN-520-AP-AC

Produktnummer: 10303384

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Wall-Smart 067-1-696, "New construction mount" til Araknis AN-520-AP-AC.

  • New Construction
  • Flush with the wall/ceiling.
  • For 1/2" drywall. To install in 5/8" use a shim pack 067-1-696
  • ​The adapter is supplied unpainted (To be painted after installation as part of the wall/ceiling). 

Key properties:
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 256.5mm (10.1")/ 256.5mm (10.1​")/ 47.2mm (1.86”)
  • Power Supply: None (manual adapter). 
  • Material: Moisture resistant MDF
  • Weight: 0.9Kg, 1.98lbs.

Araknis AN-520-AP-I-1, Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Wireless Access Point

The Araknis AN-520 Wireless Access Point brings the latest in Wi-Fi technology to the Araknis lineup!