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WBT-0234, classic, chassiskontakt

Produktnummer: 100254

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Classic chassiskontakt.

  • Inner contact made of pure copper with spring ring
  • 24 carat gold plating (nickel-free)
  • Teflon insulation
  • Adjustable mounting spacing vis-à-vis board
  • Socket can be screwed in place on the board


The outer contact is made of a special copper alloy and is 24 carat nickel-free gold-plated, not only ensuring excellent conductivity but also preventing oxidation, which could impair the contact quality.

The inner contact is made of pure, highly conductive electrolyte copper and also gold-plated. This contact is designed in the form of an active spring contact so that the double prism contact surfaces are pressed onto the central pin of the RCA plug by a surrounding spring washer. Not only does this ensure reliable contact with non-standardised RCA plugs but contact also remains reliable even after the plug has been connected and disconnected many times over.

If WBT RCA plugs are used, the contacts are positioned in such a way that the outer conductor is in contact before the inner conductor, thereby preventing undesirable or even harmful voltage peaks.

The insulation inside the socket is made of heat-resistant Teflon* – an advantage when the connecting cables are soldered, even with the higher soldering temperature of lead-free solder (see also solder connection).

WBT board sockets can not only be firmly mounted on the outside of the chassis wall using the three-hole nut (brass, gold-plated) but can also be screwed in place on the board using a cylinder head screw. In contrast to standard board sockets, this means that the solder joints are perfectly strain relieved and ideally protected against loosening and accidental disconnection. The cylinder head screw is supplied.

Mounting insulators are supplied and ensure not only insulated but also twist-proof mounting and polarity identification. Counter nuts and double step washers with lug are also supplied.

*Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont.


Connection technology (inside): soldering (see WBT silver solder)
Borehole: 12 mm dia. (also see data sheet)
Spacing: 7/10 inch (17.78 mm)
Identification: red, white or yellow