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Wirepath WP-SW-PL-ENCL-42-1PK

Produktnummer: 10340802

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Wirepath™ Plastic Enclosures are molded with UL Certified ABS plastic, eliminating Wi-Fi signal interference for a full "internet in a box solution." It also features a bottom knockout for 5-outlet drop-in WattBox® integration and several places on the back of the box for easy and versatile gear placement. Available in single and 5 packs.



Flawless Wi-Fi Signal: Now provide your customer with a full network solution with our new plastic enclosure. Made of UL Certified ABS plastic, this enclosure ensures your customers get a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the property by helping to minimize unwanted interference.

Drop-In WattBox® Compatibility: A bottom knockout provides compatibility with the 5-outlet Drop-In WattBox®. There’s a 5-outlet knockout on each end, so no matter how you install it or what electrical box you use, you’ll have easy access to the Drop-In WattBox outlet. The required brackets are included when you purchase your 5-outlet WattBox®.

Flexible Integration: Versatile knockouts make this box compatible with both plastic and metal electrical boxes. Each end has a knockout for your specific install.

Easy Installation: Side install points allow the box to slide in and out for perfect installation. Notches along the edge help line up to the specific depth of dry wall, 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4".

Ultimate Versatility: There are three tracks for install points on the rear instead of the standard two, with one down the center of the box for ultimate versatility.

Platform Compatibility: The platform accessory snaps into two locations in the 30" plastic enclosure and three locations in the 42" plastic enclosure. The sleds are included with the platform and allow you to choose your install height. Platform sold separately.

A Clean Enclosure: Ensure your enclosure stays clean during construction with the included corrugated debris guard. This guard keeps out dust and particles while the remaining construction is being done, things like drywall, spackle, and paint. Just cover the enclosure, then when you go back to finish your install, just pull the corrugate off and start with a clean slate.

Shelf Compatibility: Need extra space for that security battery, router, or modem? This enclosure is also compatible with our Wirepath ONE™ enclosure shelves. Featuring a wire management insert to keep wires tidy, these shelves have what you need for a clean install. Shelves sold separately.