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Kimber Kable 4TC - høyttalerkabel

Produktnummer: vm-4tc

inkl. mva.

Ren, klar lyd fra en av Kimbers mest nøyaktige høyttalerkabel. Denne kabelen er kjent for sin nøytrale lyd.

Clean, clear sound from one of our most accurate speaker cables. 4TC is a great choice for small monitors in a dedicated two channel system. Known for it’s neutral sound these cables will shine a light on all your systems capabilities.


  • 8 strands of 19.5 AWG OFE (oxygen free electrolytic) copper with industry leading conductivity. (102% IACS).
  • Aggregate combination of 4, 19.5AWG strands=13AWG per +/- leg.
  • Teflon insulation. White/Clear
  • LOW series induction design: 0.225 uH / meter

During extensive listening tests with these cables, I found bass to be super-tight and pushy with a smooth and easy top end.
- Hi-Fi Choice


Electrical Specifications

(Cp) parallel capacitance: 136.0 pF / meter

(Ls) series inductance: 0.225 µH / meter

(Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.015 Ω / meter