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Control4 C4-MPIWB-BL

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Control4 Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box

The Control4 Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box gives you a new and convenient way to install the Triad One High-Resolution Streaming Amplifier, the Triad 1-Zone High-Power Amplifier, the EA-1 or the EA-3 controller into most walls. Perfect for positioning equipment behind the latest ultra-slim TVs, the Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box has a knockout for a standard US power outlet, space for cabling, and a grommet in the magnetic grill for cable exit.


The Multi-Purpose In-Wall Box is designed to be used with one of the following:

  • Triad One High-Resolution Streaming Amplifier
  • Triad 1-Zone High-Power Amplifier
  • Control4 EA-1 Controller (bracket needed)
  • Control4 EA-3 Controller (bracket needed)

Tie off points are also featured for cable management or other devices, as well as multiple knockouts for low-voltage wiring.

Episode IRF-COVER, IR Flasher Cover (10 Pack)

This IR flasher cover effectively prevents unwanted IR signals from entering the sensor window of IR controlled equipment.

Control4 CORE 1, kontroller

Built to fit anywhere it’s needed, CORE 1 enables entertainment and automation experiences in every room.

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Sonos AMP, musikkanlegg med streaming

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The Triad One is a single-zone, high-resolution streaming amplifier and the easy way to add music into any room of a Control4-enabled home without the need to pull wire back to a central location.