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Control4 C4-SFP1 i plast

Produktnummer: vm-c4-sfp1-plast

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Featuring a stylish profile and an improved, secure snap-on mounting mechanism, all faceplates complete the overall design of the new wireless lighting keypads, dimmers and switches. Faceplates are essential when customers want to change the color of their dimmers or switches. This product requires a Color Change Kit (sold separately) if your customer wants to change the color of any keypad, dimmer or switch.

Faceplate dimensions: 3.39" x 3.39" (86 mm x 86 mm)

Control4 C4-SAPD240, Square Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Square Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer, 240V (Neutral)

Control4 C4-SKC-N, Square Wireless Configurable Keypad

Square Wireless Configurable Keypad, 240V (Neutral)