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James Loudspeaker OMNI89AT4

Produktnummer: 10340141

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Omnidirectional 3-way all-terrain speaker

James Loudspeaker designs and manufactures innovative solutions to accommodate the best in outdoor audio experiences and provide superior outdoor home theaters. The Omni89AT Omni-Cube loudspeaker by James makes a great addition to the AT Series (All-Terrain) by offering a full range omnidirectional alternative to the simple landscape speaker where complete 360o wide coverage and above-ground installation are needed. Typical applications include rock scape areas where traditional sat/sub combinations cannot be installed, or large open seating where full omni coverage is a benefit.

Rather than using multiple satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the Omni89AT allows a single enclosure to do the same job of four 42AT All-Terrain satellite speakers and a subwoofer, delivering the same legendary James landscape performance in a more compact above ground unit. Complete with 15 standard finishes and unlimited custom formats to allow seamless integration into all outdoor environments, this compact all-inclusive loudspeaker makes a great addition to any James landscape system where locating multiple speakers is difficult.

Performance comes from four James 4” proprietary all-terrain coaxial aluminum woofers with 0.75” aluminum tweeters, and a down-firing aluminum 8” woofer, all in a 5052 marine aluminum enclosure for years of trouble-free life.  As with all James landscape products, the Omni89AT is available in both 70V and 4 ohm.  70V models use high-quality, low-loss, toroidal transformers that deliver optimal quality, so your system provides James performance whether it’s configured for 70V or 4 ohm.

See the Omni48AT model if you are looking for a sat version to work with a separate subwoofer.

The units, assembled and tested in the USA, are designed to blend seamlessly into your landscape environment. 

Sonance DIM - Digital Input Module til Sonance DSP

Digital Input Module (DIM) er den ultimate ytelsesforbedringen til ethvert Sonance-distribuert lydsystem. Sammen med en SONAMP DSP-forsterker tillater DIM en direkte tilkobling til en digital kilde som sikrer at signalet går gjennom til den sofistikerte 24-bit/96kHz-kompatible DAC-en i forsterkeren med kortest mulig signalvei og på høyeste ytelsesnivå.

Sonance DSP 2-750 MKII, effektforsterker

Den nye serien med DSP-forsterkere tilbyr SONARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction ) med hundrevis av EQ-forhåndsinnstillinger designet spesielt for Sonance-høyttalere. SDSP 2-750 MKII yter 2x500 Watt i 8 Ohm.

Sonance DSP 8-130 MKII, flerkanals effektforsterker, stk

Sonance DSP 8-130 MKII er en DSP flerkanal forsterker. Hele 8-kanaler (4 stereo-par) kan drives med denne 130 watts forsterkeren.