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James Loudspeaker SPL3-LCR, lydplanke

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The new James Loudspeaker SPL3-LCR SoundBar is part of a wide variety of speaker bars designed to deliver excellent sound to any home entertainment system.

The new James SPL3-LCR SoundBar is part of a wide variety of speaker bars designed to deliver excellent sound to any home entertainment system. The SPL3 series features an ultra-thin design at only 1.5” (38mm) total depth to seamlessly integrate with the new series of televisions with less than 2” of screen depth. This new plasma/LED speaker feature all new proprietary ultra-slim James transducers, delivering maximum performance with elegant design. The SPL3-LCR features 3 separate speaker sections within the bar to provide left, center, and right channel sound. The LCR can be mounted below or above the display. Each bar is custom sized to fit each individual TV and, with the optional universal bracket, can be seamlessly integrated with the TV look.

The cabinet design features all aircraft grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance, and suitability for outdoor/marine applications, allowing numerous color options as well. Each SPL3 bar comes equipped with high performance, low distortion woofers and tweeters to provide a high output, wide dispersion of sound across a broad range of frequencies. The slim design of this speaker makes it an ideal choice for recessing into an outdoor railing or post to provide integrated and discrete sound in any area.

The optional James BRK.SPL3.UN universal bracket (sold in pairs) allows for easy mounting to most displays and has adjustments to make the SoundBar perfectly fit the display. Installations for this bracket are on the BRK.SPL3.UN page - click to go there.

For wall mounting, optional Z-brackets or U-brackets can be purchased separately. Optional through holes can be incorporated for wall mounting by request.

For outdoor/marine applications, order the SPL3-LCR-M.

James Loudspeaker BRK.Z, On-Wall "Z" bracket

On-wall “Z” bracket, fits all SPL3/5/6/8 series SoundBars and all UE/OW products.

Elac MURO SB-41L-BK, passiv lydplanke i sort

Elac MURO SB-41L-BK er en 3-kanals lydplanke som leverer spenningen fra film og musikk uten fotavtrykket fra et tradisjonelt hjemmekino høyttalersystem. Designet for 65" TV og større.

James Loudspeaker SPL5Q-LCR, lydplanke i sort

The James Loudspeaker SPL5Q-LCR sound bar sets new levels in sound output and wide frequency response.

Sonance SB46-85, lydplanke til 85" TV, stk

Sonance Soundbar kombinerer 35 års velprøvd høyttalerytelse med en elegant lydplanke i ett stykke som passer perfekt til de fleste TV-skjermer.

Triad OnWall Platinum LCR, vegghøyttaler i sort

The strength of this exceptional loudspeaker is its absence of compromise.

Parasound HALO A21+, sort effektforsterker

Parasound A21+ er designet for musikkelskere som nekter å inngå kompromisser. Dette high-fidelity kraftverket tilbyr uovertruffen lydkvalitet som du må høre for å tro.

Sonance DSP 2-750 MKII, effektforsterker

Den nye serien med DSP-forsterkere tilbyr SONARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction ) med hundrevis av EQ-forhåndsinnstillinger designet spesielt for Sonance-høyttalere. SDSP 2-750 MKII yter 2x500 Watt i 8 Ohm.

Sonance DSP 8-130 MKII, flerkanals effektforsterker, stk

Sonance DSP 8-130 MKII er en DSP flerkanal forsterker. Hele 8-kanaler (4 stereo-par) kan drives med denne 130 watts forsterkeren.