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iPort LUXE Case sort, til iPad 9.7"

Produktnummer: 10302617

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LUXE Case er et tynt symmetrisk kabinett av aluminium som beskytter iPad og gir deg full tilgang til alle iPad-knapper, mikrofoner, kameraer og høyttalere. Når Case settes på en ladestasjon, begynner induktiv lading umiddelbart.
Kompatible iPad modeller: iPad 9.7-inch Air 1 | 2 | iPad Pro 9.7-inch | iPad 9.7-inch (5th gen) | iPad 9.7-inch (6th gen)

IPORT LUXE is the premium wireless charging and mounting system for iPad designed for charging on table-top or on-wall. The LUXE Case is a thin, symmetrical, aluminum enclosure that protects iPad and grants you complete access to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras and speakers. LUXE BaseStation allows iPad to charge wirelessly and mount via embedded magnets with an adjustable mounting joint that facilitates a variety of orientations. Security features of the BaseStation include the ability to lock the case onto the base, as well as installing the base onto a table, wall, or solid surface. BaseStation can be powered by its USB adapter or optionally, via PoE using the IPORT PoE Splitter (sold separately). LUXE WallStation is the smallest, most elegant iPad wall mount and made of a singular piece of aluminum. Utilizing IPORT’s PoE Splitter and a standard CAT cable, WallStation can be up to 300 ft. from its power source. With its minimalist design and premium finishes, IPORT LUXE blends iPad into the design of any space while allowing the iPad to stay charged and protected at all times.

iPort LUXE Basestation i sort

LUXE Basestation er en induktiv ladestasjon for iPad, hvor denne kan lades i stående eller liggende retning.

iPort LUXE Wallstation, sort

LUXE WallStation conductively charges the iPad and allows iPad to be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations.

iPort LAUNCH Case sort, til iPad 10.2" & 10.5"

Så snart LAUNCH etuiet monteres på en ladestasjon, begynner induktiv lading. LAUNCH etui gir deg full tilgang til alle iPad-knapper, mikrofoner, kameraer og høyttalere.
Compatible Tablet Models: iPad 10.2-inch (8th gen) | iPad 10.2-inch (7th gen) | iPad Pro 10.5-inch | iPad Air 10.5 inch (3rd gen)

iPort Table Mount sølv, til iPad 9.7"

Seamlessly transform iPad® into a beautiful and simple business tool.

LaunchPort BASESTATION, sort

LAUNCH bordmodell vil typisk stå på en bordplate og inneholder en induktivt lader. Så snart LAUNCH etuiet er forankret magnetisk til ladestasjonen, begynner ladingen umiddelbart, uten ledninger eller kabler.