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Triad Speakers NCB C, par - New Construction Bracket

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Triad New Construction Bracket - NCB C (Pair)

Triad’s NCB’s (New Construction Brackets) are designed to be used with Triad’s inwall or in-ceiling speakers or subwoofers for extra support when mounting the enclosures in walls or ceilings in new construction installs. Highly recommended for ceiling applications when using subwoofers due to the weight of the enclosure.

  • New construction brackets for securely fitting InWall & InCeiling speakers and subwoofers in walls and ceilings.
  • Sizes: C


Triad InWall Silver/6 LCR, innbyggingshøyttaler

The philosophy of a completely enclosed and fully engineered InWall speaker is epitomized in the InWall Silver/6 LCR.