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Future Automation PLS

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TV LIFT & SWIVEL 32"-60" Bespoke sized to suit any screen from 32” to 60”, the PLS TV Lift and Swivel is among the best of the best when it comes to screen concealment solutions. Featuring Future Automation's unique “Drop and Roll” lid system, as well as a bi-directional fully automated 180° rotation system, the PLS TV Lift and Swivel allows a screen to be view from multiple positions, yet stowed discreetly out of view when not in use. By custom sizing each of our PL and ML family of TV Lift Mechanisms, we are able to offer integrators lifting solutions that not only perfectly fit their specified screens, but are also as size efficient as possible.


Every PL and ML mechanism features our unique “Drop and Roll” lid system, which allows the top flap of the mechanism to be safely lowered into the cabinetry before rotating 90° behind the screen. Utilising this drop and roll function allows the mechanism lid system to be completely hidden from view, meaning an clean cabinet finish can be achieved every time. The build in 180° bi-directional swivel system on our PLS and MLS series lifters can be programmed with up to 6 view positions, which can then be recalled over IR, RS232 or contact closure, allowing easy integration into any home control system.

  • Unique "Drop & Roll" lid system
  • Built in cable management
  • Custom sized to suit exact size of screen specified
  • 180° bi-directional swivel with up to 6 programmable viewing positions
  • Made in house, in our dedicated facilities located in Great Britain and the USA