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The Future Automation PD Projector Drop mechanism is the leading automated projector lift solution for home cinema installations. Its height efficient design, coupled with its adjustable drop distance makes the PD mechanism a favourite for leading audio visual installers around the world.

  • Range of drop distances available to suit varying ceiling heights
  • Three standard sizes with customisable sizing available
  • Supplied with IR, Contract Control, and RS232 control options
  • Made in house, in our dedicated facilities located in Great Britain and the USA
  • Slotted mounting system for universal projector mounting

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Future Automation PD1 - Projektorheis (liten)

Maximum Projector Size 400mm x 460mm x 190mm (WxDxH)

Future Automation PD2.5 - Projektorheis (medium)

Maximum Projector Size 505mm x 560mm x 195mm (WxDxH)

Future Automation PD3.5 - Projektorheis (stor)

Maximum Projector Size 560mm x 650mm x 235mm (WxDxH)