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I have been knocked out by the detail, clarity and fresh depth and perspective that these cables have given my much loved faves.

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Kimber Kable D60, digitalkabel

Kimber Kable digital cables - push every bit.

Kimber Kable HERO HB - signalkabel

An analog interconnect based on proven Kimber Kable technologies and design goals.

Kimber Kable Bifocal-XL, høyttalerkabel

Kimber Bifocal XL is made of equal parts TC and VS conductors. The best of both TC and VS attributes with much better soundstage and more precise imaging. A better solution for longer runs or more challenging loads.

Kimber Kable MONOCLE-XL, høyttalerkabel, par

24 wire braid of TC and VS conductors around our X38R stabilizing core. The best of both TC and VS attributes with a lower noise floor. XL versions are ideal for longer lengths or more difficult loads.

Kimber Kable PK10 Palladian - strømkabel

Palladian PowerKords represent the finest power cable available.

Kimber Kable PK14 Palladian - strømkabel

Kimber Kable Palladian PowerKords represent the finest power cable available. The critics have been unanimous in their praise of the cable's transparency, detail, articulate bass, dynamic contrasts, musical ease and flow and freedom from grain.

Kimber Kable SILVER STREAK, signalkabel

Kimber Kable first copper / silver hybrid cable that builds on the performance of all the preceding models.

Kimber Kable USB-Ag, USB-kabel

Metallurgy, geometry, dielectric & termination methods can vary greatly in USB cables and will affect sound. Silver signal conductors and silver plated power conductors and shielding increase cable bandwidth. This will always result in more accurate sound.