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WBT 044x, termineringshylse

Produktnummer: vm-wbt-044x

inkl. mva.

WBT termineringshylse.

Profile in brief: WBT-044x:

  • made from pure copper for the best possible conductivity
  • 24 carat gold-plating for corrosion protection
  • available packed according to size in bags which can also be used as refill packs for the assortment box
  • sleeves with insulation collars offer an additional anti-kink protection



  Conductor material mm² AWG Quantity*   Direct gold-
Cable End Sleeves with Insulation Collar  
  WBT-0441 Cu 1.5 15 50 pcs x
  WBT-0442 Cu 2.5 13 40 pcs x
  WBT-0443 Cu 4.0 11 30 pcs x
  WBT-0444 Cu 6.0 9 25 pcs x
  WBT-0445 Cu 10.0 7 20 pcs x
  WBT-0446 Cu 16.0 5 15 pcs x

Conductor material: Ag = Fine silver, Cu = Pure copper