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Future Automation AL-675

Produktnummer: 10300202

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Motorisert TV LIFT til 32"-48" TV

The AL675 is a TV Actuator Lift Mechanism from our motorised lift range, full of incredible design features that makes this product a popular choice for our authorised dealers and consumers. The AL675 is designed to raise screens from 32” to 46” and is supplied as a fully built unit, ready to be integrated with IR, Contact Closure, and RS232 control options as standard. The AL675 is easily installed into the foot of a bed or a a free-standing cabinet ensuring that both display and mechanism are completely hidden when not in use.

  • Smooth and efficient movement, combined with a near silent motor, make this lift ideal for residential installation
  • In built cable management chain ensures cables are securely stowed for safe mechanism operation and a neat finish
  • Supplied as a fully built unit ready to be integrated with no self-assembly required
  • Both fixed lid and push up lid options are supplied to allow for multiple cabinet finish options



The AL675 model bundles an incredible combination of features into a compact, near silent and powerful system. The near silent motor system, smooth motion and height efficient design make the AL675 a valuable addition to our range, as well as making it the lift of choice for many homeowners and AV integrators across the globe. Our AL675 ships with both push up lid and a fixed lid brackets, giving installers and customers a varied choice of cabinet designs, while the included base panel fixing bracket enables a complete and safe cabinet finish.

Due to its height efficient design and multiple lid styles the AL675 has several popular uses, with many customers choosing to use it to conceal a display at the foot of a bed, out of a cabinet in a living area or concealed in a kitchen countertop.

The AL is compatible with a range of Future Automation accessories such as USM (Speaker Mount)

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Future Automation PL

Bespoke sized to suit any screen from 32” to 60”, the PL TV Lift from Future Automation is among the best of the best when it comes to screen concealment solutions.