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Triad Speakers Cinema Reference Surround 2

Cinema Reference products were designed for home cinema & music systems that demand very high SPLs and audiophile sound quality.

Triad Speakers InWall Gold/4 Surround, stk

Triad’s InWall Gold/4 Surround redefines the high-end surround speaker. An impressive seven-driver compliment in a bipole (or dipole, if you prefer) array offers high power handling as well as high sensitivity, for prodigious output.

Triad Speakers InWall Silver 4 Surround, stk

The InWall Silver/4 Surround provides a multitude of Unique Solutions for discrete, creative placement of surround speakers.

Triad Speakers OnWall Bronze Surround, stk

Triad Speakers OnWall Bronze Surround (standard bipole)

Triad Speakers OnWall Silver Surround, stk

Where surround speakers can’t be built in, the OnWall Silver Surround provides another Unique Solution. The OnWall Silver Surround, a member of the Triad Silver family, provides full-frequency reproduction of analog and digital surround information while blending into the environment.