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Binærutgang (KNX)

KNX secure Relé 2 x 16A C-last 200µF - A2F16H-SEC

Lingg & Janke A2F16H-SEC, KNX Secure switching actuator 2f, manual operation.

KNX secure Relé 3 x 16A C-last 140µF - AH3F16H-SEC

Lingg & Janke AH3F16H-SEC, KNX Secure switching actuator 3 fold, manual operation,

KNX secure Relé 5 x 16A C-last 140µF - AH5F16H-SEC

Lingg & Janke AH5F16H-SEC, KNX Secure switching actuator 5 fold, manual operation.

Ekinex EK-FA1-TP, 4-fold binary output

The ekinex® EK-FA1-TP binary output allows to command 4 groups of loads independently; to this purpose, the device has outputs fitted with potential-free relays.‎ The device’s latching relays guarantee the upkeep of command status even in the case of bus power failures.

KNX secure Relé 4 x 16A C-last 200µF - A4F16H-SEC

Lingg & Janke A4F16H-SEC, KNX Secure switching actuator 4f, manual operation.

KNX secure Relé 8 x 16A + 8 pot.fri inng. - BEA4FK16H-SEC

Lingg & Janke BEA4FK16H-SEC, KNX Secure binary input / binary output 4 fold, for dry contacts, manual operation

KNX secure Relé 4 x 16A + 4 x 230v inng. - BEA4F230H-SEC

Lingg & Janke BEA4F230H-SEC, KNX Secure binary input / binary output 4 fold, signal voltage 230V, manual operation

KNX secure Relé 4 x 16A + 4 x 24V inng. - BEA4F24H-SEC

Lingg & Janke BEA4F24H-SEC, KNX Secure binary input / binary output 4 fold, signal voltage 24V, manual operation.

KNX secure Relé 9 x 16A C-last 140µF - AH9F16H-SEC

Lingg & Janke AH9F16H-SEC, KNX Secure switching actuator 9 fold, manual operation

Ekinex EK-FB1-TP, Binary output 8-fold

Ekinex 8-fold KNX Binary output (bistable relays) 230Vac 10A for switching and controlling electrical loads (single or groups). Mounting in distribution board on EN 60715 rail (8 modular units, each 18 mm). To be used in KNX installations for home and building automation.