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Control4 SDTR, trim ring for dobbel ramme

Produktnummer: vm-c4-sdtr

inkl. mva.

Trim ring for dobbel ramme

Allow Control4 square-style lighting devices to be installed with European-style wall boxes. Compatible with the following devices: C4-SKC Square Wireless Configurable Keypad, C4-SAPD240 Control4 Square Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer, C4-SSW240 Control4 Square Wireless Switch and C4-SKCB2 Square Wired Configurable Keypad V2.

Control4 C4-SAPD240, Square Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Square Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer, 240V (Neutral)

Control4 C4-SKC-N, Square Wireless Configurable Keypad

Square Wireless Configurable Keypad, 240V (Neutral)