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Ethereal HDM-JRPLUS, HDMI EDID Regenerator

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HDMI EDID Regenerator



The Junior+ (HDM-JRPLUS), resolves two common failures that occur within the Low Speed EDID communication bus, voltage swing issues and acceleration of the data speed, in a single compact unit that connects in-line with HDMI cables for a quick, easy to install solution.  Users can fully operate within the 18Gbps domain without loss of signal integrity.

The HDM-JRPLUS increases compatibility between devices that have different data tolerances to minimize failures, as well as between multiple brands of HDMI-enabled electronics.

While fully backwards compatible the HDM-JRPLUS was designed for the most modern components providing 18Gbps throughout and covering all 4K/HDR Rev2.0 features to ensure years of reliable HDMI® service.

Following in the footsteps of our original HDM-DAD and the HDM-JR, the HDM-JRPLUS was created to reduce the effective capacitive loading “Rise Time” issues commonly found on the DDC channel (EDID) of the HDMI® interface.

This can be caused by cables, printed circuit boards, and environmental conditions. The HDM-JRPLUS reduces the cables capacitive issues loading by 50%. The “PLUS” part is a recent development that was designed to deal with Voltage and Current equipment incompatibilities within the new EDID substructure.


  • True 18 Gbps Pass-Through
  • HDCP 2.2 Support
  • HDR Support
  • BT 2020 Support
  • Deep Color Support
  • RF Shielded Metal Case
  • Self Powered
  • 50% Typical Reduction In Data Rise Times
  • Small Size
  • Male/Female Form Factor

Solves Many Common Issues Such As:

  • Audio Dropouts
  • HDCP Not Supported
  • Mode Not Supported
  • Mode Out Of Range
  • Long Sync Times
  • And the ever popular Black Screen

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