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Ethereal HDM-SP2, Mini HDMI surge protector

Produktnummer: 10302702

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HDMI® Surge Protector

The Ethereal HDM-SP2 is a device that protects your HDMI equipment from voltage surge, simply connect via an HDMI cable before your HDMI device to provide affordable peace of mind surge protection. Protect your expensive equipment not only from surges but electronic static discharges, spikes, and lightning strikes. Use the Ethereal HDM-SP2 as the last line of defense against surges of up to 8,000 volts from contact.

This HDMI 2.0 Sure Protector won't limit your audio video capabilities as well, it is active on all balanced line TMDS channels including the clock channel with lossless signal transmission. The device requires no power making it easy to install anywhere with no power supply. Being small and easy to conceal this item is perfect for use in your home theater AV system.

The Ethereal HDM-SP2 is an extremely affordable solution for the ultimate peace of mind in protecting your expensive equipment.


  • Protection: Secures both input and output stages
  • Compact Design: Small, easy to conceal
  • DPL certified

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