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Ethereal HDM-ACVS, active HDMI voltage stabilzer

Produktnummer: 10302703

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Active HDMI voltage stabilzer

The Ethereal HDM-ACVS Active Cable Voltage Stabilizer has been designed and built right here in Florida to supply all of the correct voltage and current that you will need to keep sources and active cables happy and functioning.

This device is installed at the display side using a short HDMI cable as a jumper to the display. This model supports HDCP 2.2 and comes in small size.

Key Digital KD-AOCHP, 4K HDMI fiber kabel

Plenum Active Optical HDMI Cable, 4K@60Hz/444/18G - CMP/FT6 UL Rated

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KD-X444S is an HDCP2.2 compliant long range HDBaseT kit (Tx + Rx) with support of 18Gbps 4K/UHD signal extension for the latest digital video standards. In addition to HDMI video and audio signals, KD-X444S carries IR and RS-232 for controlling remotely located equipment