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LCR (Triad)

LCR (Triad)

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Triad Speakers Cinema Reference LCR 2

Cinema Reference products were designed for home cinema & music systems that demand very high SPLs and audiophile sound quality.

Triad Speakers InRoom Platinum LCR

Experience industry-leading home entertainment with Triad’s Platinum LCR.

Triad Speakers InWall Bronze 4 LCR, stk

Triad’s legendary quality is now available in an affordable InWall front speaker; the InWall Bronze/4 LCR.

Triad Speakers InWall Gold 6 LCR, stk

Triad’s InWall version of the lauded InRoom Gold LCR provides the same performance for theater installations where an InWall speaker is appropriate.

Triad Speakers InWall Mini 4 LCR, stk

Triad's inwall version of the Mini LCR was designed for small home theater venues where the best sound is desired, but speakers must be discretely placed.

Triad Speakers InWall Silver 4 LCR, stk

The philosophy of a completely enclosed and fully engineered inwall speaker is epitomized in the InWall Silver/4 LCR.

Triad Speakers OnWall Mini LCR 3.0, stk

Triad Speakers OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 (standard 54" painted finish)

Triad Speakers OnWall Nano LCR 3.0, opp til 44" TV

Triad’s newest and smallest 3-in-1 onwall speaker is designed for use with ultra flat-panel televisions, measuring only 1.6-inches deep by 3-inches high.

Triad Speakers OnWall Platinum LCR

The strength of this exceptional loudspeaker is its absence of compromise.