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Probably the best out there for now....A stunner!
- Stereophile Recommended Components (Orchid)

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Kimber Kable KWIK-12 - høyttalerkabel

Premium in wall speaker cable for premium sound. Dual gauge strand construction in PE dielectric. Four conductor design to be used in hybrid braid style two conductor termination. 12 AWG / 3.31mm2. (UL) CL2 rated.

Kimber Kable AGDL,  balansert digitalkabel (XLR)

Construction featuring Kimber proven tri-braid field geometry and VariStrand™, Hyper-pure silver conductors. AGDL is configured for balanced digital data transmission.

Kimber Kable Cadence, subwooferkabel

The Kimber Kable Cadence is the last subwoofer cable you will need to buy.

Kimber Kable GQ-MINI Cu, signalkabel

Kimber Kable 3,5mm minijack til 2 x RCA signalkabel.

Kimber Kable ORCHID, balansert digitalkabel (XLR)

An AES/EBU cable of exceptional achievement, the Orchid has captured the passions of digital devotees and the respect of analog enthusiasts worldwide; both for recording and playback.

Kimber Kable TGDL, balansert digitalkabel (XLR)

The TGDL is the step up from the AGDL, while the AGDL is the first choice for many systems, this cable should be auditioned if you are using the very best equipment.

Kimber Kable OPT-1, optisk digitalkabel

Kimber Kable OPT-1 gives a sound which is full, relaxed and transparent.