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Subwoofers (Triad)

Subwoofers (Triad)

Den rette subwooferen kan radikalt forbedre musikk- og hjemmekinoopplevelsen. Med subwoofere som installeres nesten hvor som helst, har Triad et diskret alternativ for å levere slagkraftig bass som forbedrer filmer og musikk til en fullfrekvent opplevelse.


Triad Speakers InCeiling Mini 8 Sub, passiv innbyggings subwoofer

The InCeiling Mini/8 Sub is yet another innovative solution for integrating bass into a room with minimal physical impact.

Triad Speakers InRoom OmniSub 8, subwoofer i sort

Even the most diminutive of Triad’s new OmniSub line packs a wallop. In a package not much bigger than one cubic foot, the OmniSub8 provides deep bass and surprising output for home theater or music applications.

Triad Speakers InRoom OmniSub 10, subwoofer i sort

Positioned between the small OmniSub 8 and the larger OmniSub 12, the OmniSub 10 delivers great bass performance in a compact size.

Triad Speakers InRoom OmniSub 12, subwoofer i sort

The flagship of Triad’s new OmniSub series delivers powerful bass performance.

Triad Speakers InWall Silver/ 15 Sub, passiv innbyggnings subwoofer

The newly redesigned InWall Silver/15 Sub is the perfect choice where prodigious bass is desired without the imposing presence of an unattractive black box in your room.

Triad Speakers OnWall Silver Sub, passiv subwoofer i sort

Based off the popular InWall Silver/15 Sub, it’s the perfect choice of prodigious bass and compact enclosure all designed for dedicated theaters using cloth wall systems.

Triad Speakers InRoom Bronze Sub, subwoofer med RackAmp

InRoom Bronze Sub with RackAmp 300 (4-ohm woofer enclosure painted finish)

Triad Speakers InCeiling Bronze/10 Sub, innbyggings subwoofer med RackAmp

InCeiling Bronze/10 Sub with RackAmp 300 (4-ohm woofer enclosure)

Triad Speakers InRoom Bronze SlimSub, subwoofer i sort med RackAmp

InRoom Bronze SlimSub with RackAmp 300 (4-ohm woofer enclosure painted finish)