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Triad Speakers InCeiling Bronze/8 LCR, stk

Produktnummer: 102881

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The InCeiling Bronze/8 LCR is the perfect solution in applications where front speakers must mount in the ceiling, a modest price is a consideration, but performance has to be formidable.

A unique recessed angled baffle directs sound at the listener through a handsome flush AcoustiPerf grill that can be custom paint matched at Triad to match your ceiling and blend with your environment.Although it’s priced like more ordinary home theater speakers, the InCeiling Bronze/8 LCR is still built one at a time in America and features premium drivers and an enclosure that is sealed and solid as a bank vault. The InCeiling Bronze/8 LCR is the go-to speaker for high-performance ceiling effects in Dolby Atmos home theaters. Unlike all open-back ceiling speakers, none of the sound is transmitted to rooms above. When mated to Triad Bronze Surrounds and any one of four versions of the Bronze Sub, the InCeiling Bronze/8 LCR is the heart of a superb home theater speaker system at a reasonable cost.


  • Compact Flat Design
  • Designed to fit between ceiling joists
  • Triad AcoustiPerf Frameless Metal Grill


  • Fully engineered, Premium MDF enclosure
  • 45 degree baffle angle
  • Acoustic Suspension
  • 2-way design


  • Triad’s Basic & Custom Finishes are available for this product. The standard finish for this product is White paint. For any other colors, please refer to Triad’s Custom Match Finish program for this product. The paint we use is a top quality enamel and is applied with a light pebble finish.
  • Since all computer monitors and their colors vary, the digital color you see here will be different from the actual product finish.


Recommended amplifier 50 - 200 Watt
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 90 dB
Frequency response 80 - 20kHz
Tweeter type Fabric dome
Tweeter size (1)1"
Woofer type Paper/fiber blend
Woofer size (2) 5 1/4"
Cabinet Specification  
Height 34.6 cm
Width 34.6 cm
Depth 20.3 cm
Hole cut-out - height 34.6 cm
Hole cut-out - width 34.6 cm
Frameless grill dimension (38 × 38 cm)
Weight 8,2 kg


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