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WBT-0610 Ag, Banana Plug, 4 stk

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WBT nextgen™ Banana Plug - kit av 4 stk.

Product description:

nextgen™ - a new generation of plug connections from WBT

Delicately formed from fine silver - the signal line for the new nextgen™ banana plug WBT-0610 Ag. Directly platinum plated in a nickel-free finish to prevent oxidation. This ensures high conductivity and no magnetic interferences. The contact pin is shaped so that its three segments expand as the spindle is twisted in, so that it can be secured in every terminal type. The resulting constantly high contact pressure guarantees permanently low transition resistances.

Like the WBT-0645, the nextgen™ banana connector also takes up less space when installed and allows equipment to be set up more compactly when space is at a premium. WBT-0610 Ag is also cable-friendly: the angle leads your cable directly to the ground and cannot be damaged through kinking.

Despite the delicacy of the signal conductor, WBT-0610 is perfectly suited to the crimping technique. The two Torx screws are used to fix the crimped cable end and the second screw secures your cable to prevent strain. Thanks to the full insulation it is safe to touch and thus IEC compliant. The safety pin also prevents accidental insertion of the plug into a power socket. This makes the WBT-0610 Ag compliant to CE to the full as well.

Profile in brief: WBT-0610 Ag:

  • Fine silver signal conductor
  • mass-reduced nextgen™ principle
  • direct platinum plating (nickel-free)
  • secured with an expandable contact pin
  • Crimping with WBT double Torx screw system
  • compact and cable-friendly
  • CE and IEC compliant

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WBT nextgen™ Banana Plug - kit av 4 stk.

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