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MiniMonitors (Triad)

MiniMonitors (Triad)

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Triad Speakers InCeiling Gold/8 MiniMonitor (right side mounting)

InCeiling Gold/8 MiniMonitor (right side mounting). One of Triad’s finest ceiling speakers was derived from the superb InRoom and InWall Gold MiniMonitors.

Triad Speakers InCeiling Silver/6 MiniMonitor (right side mounting)

Until now, using ceiling speakers meant compromise. For applications that mandate a very small yet superb sounding ceiling speaker, Triad’s InCeiling Silver/6 MiniMonitor is a top choice.

Triad Speakers InRoom Gold Mini Monitor, stk

Triad's Gold MiniMonitors are a leaders in the high-end speaker industry, exhibiting a traditional, two-way compact design taken to the highest level for true audiophile quality.

Triad Speakers InRoom Silver MiniMonitor, stk

Triad’s Silver MiniMonitor speakers are engineered to deliver striking music and cinema sound to high-end home applications with precision and power.

Triad Speakers InWall Gold/ 6 Mini Monitor, stk

The InWall Gold/6 MiniMonitor is appropriate for a wide variety of custom applications where a compact full-range upscale solution is needed.

Triad Speakers InWall Silver/ 4 MiniMonitor, stk

Finally, there is an unobtrusive InWall speaker that performs to audiophile standards. Until now, a small inwall speaker was always an inexpensive, open-back plate speaker with compromised sound quality.