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WBT-9126, Headless screw, Torx 6. M4 (4 to 8.5mm)

Produktnummer: 10300519

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Headless screw, Torx 6. M4 (4 to 8.5mm)

WBT Topline pole terminals (including the Signature version of the WBT-0702 and WBT-0730) are equipped as a standard with the Torx¹ screw for crimped connection.

The WBT-9126 Torx screw with a length of 7 mm is intended for use with Midline pole terminals such as WBT-0763 and WBT-0765 as well as the Economy terminals WBT-0780 und WBT-0785. Thanks to their length of 7 mm both thinner and thicker crimped cables can be connected.

WBT crimp connections only use screws with Torx drive (Torx 6) and special fine thread, providing a durable firm hold. The base material is brass.

¹ Torx is a registered trademark of Camcar Textron, USA.